Using LOGICO in the classroom – Teacher interviews

This is the summary of the second part of Andrea’s interview, where she asked her fellow colleagues to find out how they use LOGICO in their classroom teaching. 

Why do you use LOGICO in your classroom? What benefits and learning opportunities can you see in this learning resource?

‘It motivates students, thanks to the design and the easy handling of the learning material’ (i.e. LOGICO frame and learning cards)

‘It is possible to differentiate and to support individual students’

‘(LOGICO) makes it possible to provide students with specific and meaningful tasks’

‘With LOGICO’, students can work at their own pace. Students can check their own solutions and record the results by themselves’

How much do your students like working with LOGICO?

Fellow colleagues found that almost all children like working with LOGICO and for an extended period of time. Teachers often use LOGICO during ‘free learning’ phases, where children can choose their own learning activities.

Teachers reasoned as:

‘The (LOGICO) content and themes are child-oriented and appealing to children’

‘Children are given instant feedback with the possibility of self-checking’

‘Students are not required to write’

Are there any potential difficulties using LOGICO?

Teachers agreed that, just like using any other differentiated teaching materials, it requires longer preparation of the activity.

In conclusion, teachers have found that LOGICO is a useful classroom resource and it is very rewarding to work with. Once integrated in one’s classroom teaching, LOGICO provides an opportunity for teachers to encourage and challenge children through the tasks provided. LOGICO complements other teaching resources and materials really well. Teachers feel more confident at supporting students at their individual levels and provide a more tailored approach to differentiated tasks.

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