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As you probably already know, this summer we made a pledge to give the Lightyear Foundation 5% from each LOGICO sale. We truly believe that this charity has amazing and the most creative ideas about how STEM can reach to anyone, including those with Special Educational Needs! They create workshops, outreach programmes and organise trips, all in the sentiment of ‘STEM is for all’. And so it is!

LOGICO supports the development of many skills, including many of those in the areas of Maths. So, the Lightyear Foundation asked a young volunteer to give it a go. Poppy, who played with Nannie Jillie, really enjoyed the game! THANK YOU for taking your time to send LOGICO your feedback!

Feedback from Poppy, aged 12 with Cerebral Palsy

“I love these games.  The colourful dots are really good because they don’t fall off so you never lose them. There’s lots of different games you can try, they make you think really hard and I need a bit of help but I’ve really enjoyed playing them.”

Poppy playing with LOGICO!
Poppy playing with LOGICO!

Nannie Jillie who played with Poppy:

“I thought the games were Innovative, thought provoking, engaging and fun! They have multiple benefits on so many different levels.  For these reasons I think the best results are achieved when used with adult guidance.” 

LOGICO supports…

They also thought that LOGICO was quite robust and attractive with the bold colours of the buttons. As for size and weight, Poppiest and Nanny Jillie found it manageable and the right size, and the round disks were fairly easy to move around. Moreover, they also found that by having to physically move the buttons, it allows for downtime and thinking time!

Nannie Jillie thought that LOGICO has many benefits. She found that it supported many areas of Maths, such as numeracy and comparison of numbers. LOGICO really helped with the understanding of numbers and the application of ‘more‘ and ‘less‘. Some tasks also build on colour consolidation and understanding. Furthermore, children, whilst playing LOGICO need to calculate their answer whilst retaining this information mentally and transferring to a practical skill by putting the discs in correct positions in the frame. It definitely supports co-ordination and dexterity!

They also found that the major benefits of LOGICO are to encourage multi-stage thought processes, which are not easy for small children to develop. By doing so, children mentally retain one skill (e.g. the answer) while practically applying another skill (selecting and positioning the discs).

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“I enjoyed playing this game with Poppy (age 12) but I needed to read and assess what was required first before talking her through step by step, then checking her reading, checking her understanding / explaining instructions and guiding her.   In this way, off she went enthusiastically!  She enjoyed it and was able to do Games 1 to 8 (over 2 separate sessions).   She was delighted when she could check her correct answers .”

– as quoted from Nanny Jillie

Thank you again for your feedback and we’re glad you have embarked on the LOGICO learning journey!

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