LOGICO learning games in the classroom

LOGICO in the classroom  logical learning game educational

Why learning games?

Children always look for opportunities to play and games. They are curious by nature and this helps them to comprehend and learn about the world around them. Playing also helps with social interactions. So, children can freely experiment, act, test and train, which results in learning, in a natural way. LOGICO is a logical learning game with real educational value.

Learning games help, because..

  • Playing needs concentration. Research has proved that increased level of memory skills are in line with the level of concentration.
  • Playing is fun! Whilst playing, children are relaxed and the atmosphere is emotionally positive. Children retain more facts in their long-term memory learnt this way!
  • Whilst children playing, they feel free of consequences and sanctions. This is ideal for any learning process!
  • Learning games avoid repression of learning between the children. This is, because they learn through playing with their peers. In this way, they learn how to interact and communicate with one another, and many other essential social skills.

Benefits of using LOGICO in the classroom

Working with LOGICO encourages independent learning in a fun and playful way. As self-checking is built-in, children can check their answers at the back of each card, in their own time. Whilst LOGICO PRIMO frames and cards have more of a toy feel, they teach and build on essential skills.

In addition, the product itself is robust and durable and the buttons on the frame can be safely operated by sliding them along a track. Cards in the sets are laminated, with rounded corners for extra durability and safety.

LOGICO in the classroom  logical learning game educational

Built-in self-checking

Built-in self-checking with LOGICO
 logical learning game educational

The child can interrupt the learning process at any stage to check the correct answers, by turning the card over. Furthermore, children can compare the coloured dots on the reverse of the card, with the colours of the buttons. It’s that easy! As the buttons do not move from where they are placed, children can stop with LOGICO at any time, for example, when school hours are over, and continue later.

There’s plenty to learn from LOGICO games, including vocabulary and Mathematics skills, improving understanding, speaking and listening skills – all through play. With LOGICO, children are motivated to become self-directed learners and work with great enthusiasm!

Perfect for outdoor education

Why not try using LOGICO outside your classroom? Any outdoor space could be perfect, whether that is forest school or an eco garden. Children can use LOGICO in any outdoor setting.

Furthermore, LOGICO frames are durable and the design is robust. Buttons stay in the position they are placed in, so that children can pick the task up, exactly where they left it.

As the laminated learning cards wipe clean with a damp cloth, LOGICO is ideal for an outdoor environment!

Unlike tablets, learning cards are easy to read in the sunshine as they reflect less light.

LOGICO in outdoors education
 logical learning game educational

It is always nice to hear what others think of LOGICO. Read our review on the SENresources blog!

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