LOGICO has been featured on SENResources!

We are proud to announce that the Special Educational Needs Resources blog has reviewed LOGICO PRIMO! The review highlighted all the good things we love about LOGICO! So, its ease of use, its portability and the playful learning – all got a mention. Above all, LOGICO is used and tested by children, who enjoy playing with it. Nevertheless, with each and every activity, we are encouraging young learners to build their confidence in learning. LOGICO does exactly just that.

LOGICO in education

So, how does this fit in with teaching children with Special Educational Needs?

Enjoyability and building confidence – these are the key words to success with any learner. Moreover, LOGICO is easy to differentiate. There are 11 available card sets in the LOGICO PRIMO range. This spans over the age bracket of 3 to 6 years. Each learning card set has an age shown, for guidance. So, teachers can choose the most appropriate sets for their learners. Furthermore, learning cards in each set start with easier levels, progressing towards more difficult ones. So, the skills gained in each task build up towards the next one.
The blog post also highlighted that children do not need to speak, read or write to use LOGICO. It is indeed very special, giving children a chance to progress in learning new skills, regardless any of these abilities.

Teachers have achieved great results using LOGICO with children with Special Educational Needs. Patience is usually a key to learning. LOGICO encourages this by using bright, colourful buttons which children need to physically handle. Children slide the buttons next to the correct solution, without noticing that they are practising a pencil grasp!


Teachers said that the children using LOGICO became more patient, over time. The LOGICO method contributes to this. First, an adult has to explain the task. This is followed by children selecting a colourful button and finding the corresponding coloured spot on the task area. After children worked out the solution, they need to look on the right-hand side of the task card. Then, move the button to the correct position. You can, of course, work ‘backwards’ and start by looking at the images on the right-hand side. Either way, there is a real method and challenge in the process. This gives that extra twist to encourage children’s logical thinking.

Being independent is so important! When children move all six buttons in their positions, they can easily check their answers by flipping the cards over. The solutions are on the back of each card. Children can see whether their answers are correct!

LOGICO in education

Tactile, screen-free and portable

LOGICO does not require batteries and it is screen-free. ‘Unplugged’, as they call it! It is portable and is easy to handle. LOGICO is durable and wipeable. Therefore, it can be used either either indoors or outdoors. LOGICO is portable, as it can be used on the move. For example, in the car, on the train, on the beach or any other outdoor setting. There are no loose parts at all. Another bonus is that the buttons, once slid into position, will stay where they are. This means, that children can always go back to to the task, where they left it.

Being screen-free is a huge bonus. Using screens has been controversial and it is still not clear what impact screens really have on us and our children. The illustrations and colours used in LOGICO are age-appropriate. Whilst gently stimulating children’s learning, the illustrations also engage them. Children can relate to the images as they often depict scenes from their daily lives. For example, what children do in different times of the day, such as at bedtime or playing with sand or particular toys and so on.

LOGICO is just a starting point

LOGICO perfectly complements teaching. The various topics fit in really well with children’s everyday learning in this age group. By doing so, each card can be a conversation or a start of something more or bigger. For example, if you counted shapes on a LOGICO card, why not practise drawing these shapes afterwards? Children are also happy to talk about the illustrations. This helps expand children’s vocabulary and later on, this can lead to practising sounds (phonics learning) or writing.

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