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LOGICO PRIMO and PICCOLO are a comprehensive educational learning game developed by experienced teachers. Whilst focusing on improving concentration, spatial awareness and logical skills, it is fun to play! Above all, it is available from ages of 3 to 10, for all educational settings – in Early Years, primary schools and at home.

Meet Finki, our favourite bird who loves learning!

Finki is LOGICO’s lovable character and he appears in many LOGICO sets. Children can join him on his learning journey of many adventures, in areas of Communication and Language; Literacy; Mathematics and Understanding the World!

Join Finki and learn with LOGICO

How does LOGICO PRIMO and PICCOLO work?


LOGICO is different, LOGICO is unplugged

LOGICO is hand-held, yet, it is not a tablet. Above all, it is easy to hold and the frame with the buttons is perfect to solve the puzzles on the learning card sets. We have gathered a range of ideas how you could make the most of using LOGICO in your own classroom. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Fit it in with your current topic

The current LOGICO PRIMO range for ages 3-6 comes with 11 different learning card sets. Each set contains 16 different cards. As a result, this gives you a huge variety to play with! LOGICO PRIMO topics focus on many essential skills. In focus is the Early Years and Primary Curriculum. This includes counting; letter recognition; shapes and colours and foundations of geometry. Furthermore, games improving concentration; arts and crafts, learning about daily routines; matching, sorting and sequencing. Once you have an overview of each area, select the cards which are relevant to your current topic. Or you might just want to go by the illustrations and see where the activity takes you!

Combining different learning areas

It is a very good idea to combine different learning areas, as it helps children create links between what they already know and the new. Furthermore, important areas, such as literacy or mathematics, are not ‘stand-alone’, they can be linked and work together really well! 

For instance, children can be learning about different traditions (such as, Easter or Christmas) and this could then lead to learning about what sort of music is played during these festivals. Then, children can solve a LOGICO PRIMO activity showing different musical instruments. After this, children could listen to some music and try picking out all the different musical instruments playing . Finally, the class could come up with a special dance routine to fit the occasion.

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An international success story of LOGICO, the learning game

LOGICO the award-winning learning game

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