LOGICO – the award-winning learning game

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LOGICO the learning game
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LOGICO the learning game
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Discover LOGICO the learning game


LOGICO PRIMO and LOGICO PICCOLO are a multiple award-winning, comprehensive educational learning game.

The game has been specifically designed by teachers to develop logic and logical thinking; problem-solving and mathematical skills. In addition to essential skills, LOGICO also encourages independent learning.

Children learn at their own pace

By allowing children to work their own way through the solutions, they can work at their own pace. By doing so, children can control their time-management and enjoy independent learning

LOGICO’s special feature is the built-in self-checking. By providing solutions for each task at the back of each card, everyone can check their answers at their ease. With its versatility, LOGICO can be used in a range of settings. Whether it is your own home, nursery or school, you will find the right LOGICO to suit your needs.

LOGICO award-winning learning game

How does LOGICO work? Watch our video to find out!

Essential skills

Learning is fun… with LOGICO!
Above all, there are a variety of learning card sets available for both LOGICO PRIMO (for ages 3-6) and PICCOLO (for ages 5-10). Ranging from simple tasks for little ones to more complex ones involving problem-solving skills, there is so much to learn.  In addition, LOGICO learning cards are beautifully illustrated and themes fit in with children’s general interest.
For instance, topics include Understanding the World; Mathematics; Literacy skills; Communication and Language; but also drawing on Arts and Design. As a result, everyone enjoys the playful nature of LOGICO!

Learn with LOGICO
Less screen time and enjoyable learning through play

With its specific frame design, LOGICO allows children to learn without a necessity of a screen.
The LOGICO frame is very tactile and with its push buttons, very toy-like, which children enjoy. Learning card sets require logical thinking and challenge young minds, in a fun way!

Using LOGICO in your teaching - primary schools
LOGICO PRIMO (for ages 3-6)

LOGICO PRIMO is more suited for younger children, with six handy push buttons. In essence, ’learning through play’ is in the main focus! Children develop basic skills in the areas of Mathematics; visual perception; logical thinking skills; problem-solving and much more.
It is important to know that LOGICO learning games suit many abilities. Furthermore, they are a motivational tool for learning, in all learning environments, including at home, at nursery or school, or even on the go.

learn with LOGICO PRIMO
LOGICO for home learning

It is a game to engage, enthuse, teach and learn, without the necessity of a screen.  LOGICO is loved by parents, for its quality and durability. Due to its compact nature, and no loose parts, LOGICO makes the perfect travel game.
LOGICO frames and the laminated learning cards wipe clean easily. Come rain or sunshine, take LOGICO with you, and let your child use it on the go.

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LOGICO reviews

‘Children had a real sense of satisfaction and pride when they completed each card correctly. Great for building confidence in learning!’

SENResources blog

‘LOGICO is definitely suitable for the elderly! The buttons (on the LOGICO PRIMO frame) are big and easy to push.’

Care home assistant at Harbour Rise Rest Home and Day Care Centre

‘We are going to take it with us when we go on trips or holiday as it is a neat and tidy game we can play.’

Kelly, Elliott’s Mum